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            The bathroom stylish new trend

            Time:2013/1/5 13:27:37 Click:1847

            Part classical elements in a modern style bathroom environment, it is a development trend of the past few years, the overall home design. Top bathroom brands Boloni very good at manufacturing a balance between fashion and classic Italian classical elements such as do gorgeous old wooden floors and medieval vaulted roof with simple modern bathroom facilities integration, will exude a calm and collected to show off.
            Water is the source of life. Design guru 里诺克塔托, water is only dynamic element in the bathroom, the bathroom has become a clear spring, the party water --- it gives designers inspiration, give the bathroom to the soul. The decoration first net reminded almost all bathroom facilities are water service: vanities, faucets, toilet, bathtub, shower ... lost water, the bathroom instantly lost its significance. How to flow reasonable arrangements in a sanitary environment, which European scholars in recent years, the latest research topics, but also the future bathroom designers compulsory homework.
            The overall sanitary certainly new materials and high-tech world. Straight siphon commode set Washdown, and siphon strengths, either the commode thoroughly washed very clean, water-saving mute. The faucet is made ​​of imported high-quality copper, the triple surface plating, faucets seven-layer filter can be 40% water; leading spool switching times of more than 1 million times. Unique feeling of depth glass resin, its impact resistance is 200 times of ordinary glass, more than six kinds of color create Ambilight bath space.