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                Add:Million North Industrial Park,
                chengyang, Qingdao City.

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                The bathroom require innovative channel construction

                Time:2013/1/18 15:07:01 Click:2441

                In recent years, the output value of China's sanitary ware industry maintained a relatively high growth rate, the building materials industry, the fastest growing industry, this development momentum, attracting more investment, large and small, sanitary ware production enterprises springing upappears in the sanitary ware market. However, depending on the role of the laws of the market, we know the capacity of the market is limited to a certain period of time, a sudden expansion of production capacity, so the market there is no way to digest, it will give rise to an increasingly competitive market. According to industry analysts, the next two years, the sanitary ware market will be a seller's market to a buyer's market. This case, the main players in the market changes, market behavior will change accordingly. This change for the first-line, second-tier brand has a certain brand influence, the impact is very small, Sanitary Ware for new small and medium-sized enterprises, in the next two years they will be faced with the crisis of the product unmarketable. Need to carefully look for a solution to deal with the emergence of new issues. The the immediate good old days of the new sanitary ware manufacturers benefit from the sanitary ware market is a seller's market, the market capacity is not yet saturated. Be prepared, new sanitary ware enterprise should think about the future direction of the market and plan ahead.