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              1. Mobile:18053211760 18561805906
                Add:Million North Industrial Park,
                chengyang, Qingdao City.

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                The waterproof bathroom decorative material lead new fashion

                Time:2013/2/20 14:15:01 Click:3372


                The bathroom waterproof problem is difficult to solve one of the problems in the traditional architecture, many residents have been troubled by this problem. The drawbacks of traditional bathroom, bathroom renovation industry as a whole R & D China's first production line the whole bathroom, successfully led the development and progress of the whole bathroom industry. A full range of improvements from the color of the product, model and style, the grand launch of the a waterproof moisture decorative panel material. Yardley the Schindler whole bathroom as the industry benchmark, used since 1997, the housing industry since the birth of China's domestic first set of baths, has been leading the industry trend to establish the industry standard. In 2010 Yardley Schindler invited to participate presided over the preparation of the national standards of the whole bathroom.