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          • Mobile:18053211760 18561805906
            Add:Million North Industrial Park,
            chengyang, Qingdao City.

            Service Concept
            Location:Home > Service Support > Service Concept

            Provides 24-hour national toll-free hotline and online service

            Professional designers on projects perfect, precise design

            The project manager on the project site visits

            Provide the necessary technical support and services in the project before construction

            On-site installation of the installation Professional

            Maintenance staff regular home maintenance products, and 24 hours to reach the maintenance

            Product warranty for one year since the product acceptance, the warranty period

            Customer service staff will keep in touch with users on a regular basis to understand the product situation

            Product warranty expires, I am committed to continue to provide free technical support and services, such as the failure of replacement parts at cost price

            Qingdao Yili the Schindler bathroom facilities enthusiastic, thoughtful support and help